High-tech Childbirth is Not Always Better

America excels in high-tech medicine When it comes to healthcare and medicine, America is the greatest country in the world. If you get into a car crash or have a heart attack, or need a life-saving surgery, then you are very grateful to have that happen in the US of A. However, this statement is

My Insurance Rant

Health Insurance a Lose:Lose Situation for Consumers and Providers How did we come to this juncture where we are supporting the lumbering giant that is the insurance industry particularly as it relates to healthcare? I am an NPR person; I listen to NPR when I’m driving in my car and I heard a piece yesterday

I believe that giving birth is similar to making love.

I believe that giving birth is similar to making love. Normal, low-risk childbirth is very difficult to achieve in the hospital setting. Even when you have the most amazing provider, the very atmosphere prevents it. I believe the reason for this is related to the fact that childbirth is similar to making love. It’s not

Creating Value in Childbirth

Costs of Care Creating Value Challenge In 2007, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) proposed a framework for optimizing health system performance known as the “triple aim”. The three components are: Improve the experience of care Improve the health of populations Reduce the per capita costs of

Never, Ever, Ever Give Up, The Genesis of Midwife360

Never, Ever, Ever Give Up Have you ever been caught between a rock and a hard place where the theoretically best decision may not be the most practical one? Well, I have. And this is the (true) Genesis story of what can happen when you combine trust, faith, and a generous heart with a commitment

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