Midwife360 is moving – again!

UGH!!! The first thing that comes to mind is – I hate moving! But as I am really shifting my life to embrace positivity in every situation, I am also embracing this new change. If you’ve been following the progress and journey of Midwife360, you know that this is the 5th time we’ve moved in the 5 years that we’ve been in business. That’s a lot of moves!

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell the story of that journey…

We started out inside The Red Tent on NW 2nd Street in Boca. That was a lovely collaboration and a great first step for Midwife360 as Fadwah had not had any business ownership experience prior to leaving the Sussman group in 2014. We found that our families were not such a great fit for a spa environment as the small children are not always willing to be quiet, and the adult conversation sometimes got loud as we discussed the exciting topics of natural birth, the strength of women’s bodies, and everyone’s favorite topic – sex! So after two great years, we decided to move and give the spa-goers some peace.

New collaborations

We moved on the basis of another collaboration, this time with a local doula and a home birth midwife, we moved to a space off Glades Road in Boca. The rent was pricey, and the collaboration disintegrated, leaving Midwife360 acting in the responsible role. This was a low point in our evolution and nearly contributed to the end of the road for Midwife360.

We were able to pull through, though and moved into the Sol Oasis yoga studio for a brief 3 months. The space was way too small for us, and we were fortunate to find another office nearby – off Boynton Beach Blvd in Boynton Beach – and have spent the last year and 8 months quite happy in that location. However, all things come to an end eventually, and change rolled over us again. We received a 30-day notification to vacate as the Reel Shop next door needed to expand. The landlord offered us the free-standing building to the east of the current location, but the price did not fit our budget.

We have also been collaborating with the Palm Beach Maternity Center – in fact, one of our clients was their first birth a couple of weeks ago! We feel very fortunate to be nurturing this collaboration, and therefore when we discovered the office spaces across the street from the Birth Center, it was perfect timing!

And onto our new space!

We packed up the office on Friday, April 26th and moved everything over on the next day. Hiring Two Men and a Truck was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! What a relief not having to carry boxes and heavy furniture out and in made this move much easier than in the past. As of this writing, we are still getting things settled and should be ready to see clients by Tuesday, April 30th unless we are called out to a birth! #midwifelife

We are empathetic with our clients who live to the south and sincerely apologize for the increased travel time and inconvenience they will experience. In addition, for those lucky clients who live to the north, thanks for traveling to Boynton and Boca for the past 5 years!

Midwife360 is surviving and thriving, thanks to our loyal clients and to great word of mouth. We appreciate every client who spreads the word about natural birth and gentle birth and our high-quality services. We strive to provide the best evidence-based care we can with alternative therapy options to every client. We love what we do and can’t imagine doing anything else!

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  • Lisa

    I will follow you no matter how many times you move. You have always done what is best for you client.
    See you soon best of luck one love

  • Kelly Laliberte

    Not sure where PB Maturnity Center is, but we go where Fadwah goes!! I’ll be seeing you soon as I believe I’m due for my yearly. Good luck and good vibes in the new location!!

  • Angela

    Congratulations on your new space. May it serve you well for many years and happy births. We had an amazing birth experience with Fadwah and now little Cody is already 3. Thank you!

  • Natalie

    Oh Fadwah!!! I am so happy for you, mama. Sounds like this is the perfect location for you guys now. And, how amazing to be so close to a Birth Center. You are incredible and I am smiling from ear to ear reading through the past 5 years of your journey. Grateful to be on the ride with you and look forward to seeing you in your new office. Best of luck and lots of love 💜 ~Natalie, The Modern Hippie Mama

  • Loni Brewster

    So excited for you guys!! And even more excited that you all will be literally right down the street from me. Look forward to coming to guys with the next baby 😌

  • Jaqueline M Glucksman

    So where is the new location!!?

  • Valerie

    Love Midwife360 and all the magic Fadwah brought to the birth of our first baby girl, Raven Sierra! We support Midwife360 in all its future endeavors!

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