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Our Midwife and Healthcare Services

Midwifery Care

At Midwife360 we are committed to providing the Midwifery Model of Care which by definition means evidence-based medicine. Comprehensive prenatal care beginning at about 10 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Information about genetic and all prenatal testing.
  • In-office phlebotomy, with appropriate gynecologic testing as needed
  • Referral to our preferred ultrasound provider, Dr. Aaron Deutsch, MD Perinatologist
  • Hour-long office visits and home visits available
  • Midwife in attendance at home from active labor through 2-4 hours after birth
  • Home visit at 24-48 hours after birth for mom and baby
  • Another home visit at 1 week to assess your transition to postpartum life
  • Final pregnancy visit at 4-6 weeks postpartum

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All along the way we are vigilant to the results of tests, the recommendations of the MDs we collaborate with, and the needs and wants of our clients. The purpose of prenatal care is first and foremost the search for signs of disease or malfunction in mom or baby that would benefit from medical management, secondarily, and very important for home birth, it is a vehicle to get to know the client in anticipation of having a very intimate, personal experience with them.

Pregnancy Package

 Midwife360 Basic Birth Package: $1200 + insurance deductible/co-insurance/co-pay

  • Administrative fee
  • Assistant at the birth
  • Birth kit
    • Included but can be optional
      • Birth Tub Rental: $250
  • We will bill your insurance, extra fees apply for gap exceptions.
  • Not included in our package, but strongly recommended:

    • Doula Services:  $1000
    • Blissborn Childbirth classes $350

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Midwife360 Complete Birth Package: $6700

  • Covers all of the above services
  • Covers care of the baby for the first week
  • Does not include labs, ultrasounds, doula, or classes

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Doula Services

We have two Doulas that we work with the most. We strongly recommend that you hire a doula, especially if this is your first birth or your first home birth. The Basic Doula Package includes the following services. Add-on services are available, please ask your doula for more information.

  • A minimum of two prenatal visits
  • Doula on call for labor 24/7 starting at 37 weeks
  • Labor support throughout labor plus 1-2 hours after birth until breastfeeding begins
  • Blissborn Childbirth preparation classes
  • Includes massage, labor aide positions, guided imagery, relaxation, birth partner support
  • One to two postpartum visits
  • Phone and email support when services start to six weeks postpartum
  • Lending library access, including: pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenting books, & DVDs
  • Basic Birth Choices Information Packet

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Our Doulas are experienced, empathetic, and homebirth mommas. They are committed to helping each client have the most comfortable labor and birth possible.

360º Women’s Healthcare

Our 360Women’s Healthcare includes care of young girls and teens for gynecology issues, through the decades and into menopause.

  • Education on PAP-smears and HPV, thermography,  STDs, pregnancy & prevention strategies
  • Birth control – natural and artificial methods
  • Fertility issues – natural and artificial methods
  • Mammogram and ultrasound prescriptions
  • Any vaginal or genital discomfort can be addressed at Midwife360
  • Electronic prescriptions and medical records.
  • Office visit $150
  • Blood draw only $25 + cost of tests
  • Testing: (prices on request)
  • IUD or implant placement $150 + cost of device
    • Copper T $250
    • Mirena $450
    • Nexplanon $300

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Midwife360 is staffed by CNMs who are trained in all aspects of office gynecology. We accept nearly all major insurances for both gynecology and pregnancy services.

Midwifery Model

There are two approaches to maternity care – the Midwifery Model and the Medical Model. Some consumers are confused because not all midwives practice the Midwifery Model, and not all MDs practice the Medical Model. The basic difference between them is that the Medical Model is focused on preventing, diagnosing, and treating complications in pregnancy; visits are typically short; interventions such as induction are quickly suggested. While the Midwifery Model seeks to protect, support, and avoid interfering with the natural course of pregnancy and birth. In this model, the midwife is also always watchful for potential complications and adjusts the plan of care accordingly.

Only healthy,  relatively low-risk pregnant people should birth at home. The Midwifery Model also places high importance on the experience of the pregnant/birthing person, the partner and the baby in addition to supporting their physical safety.

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